IRIS is proud to announce the ‘Systematic Innovation’ product  

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IRIS Intelligence is proud to announce the addition of Systematic Innovation as the latest addition to our product/service offering.

We all know the feeling when a great idea appeared out of seemingly nowhere, but simply was perfect and solved a real problem or challenge. Often we ask ourselves afterwards: How did it happen – and why can’t we do it more often?

Based on extensive research into what Innovation actually is and how it is enabled, IRIS intelligence now offers a ground breaking approach to innovation – making it accessible, feasible and cost effective. Fast.

We call this: Systematic Innovation, and because Innovation is closely tied to the ability to Ideas about doing things better, we have established a website called Here you can read more about:

The Systematic Innovation offering and how it is fully integrated (People, Process and Technology) and the emphasis on enabling and building sustainable:

  • Innovation competency at the individual level
  • Innovation capability at the organisational level

Our approach to innovation is pragmatic, and focused on delivering real value at pace and scale. To deliver this, we use our proprietary methodology consisting of:

  1. Learning Experiences (Training programs)
  2. Workshops – Solving real problems resulting in tangible business cases
  3. Software – enabling generation of Ideas and Innovation at scale and low cost

As practitioners from a broad range of industries we know how to make innovation happen, with you and build innovation maturity over time.

The product is targeted at private companies and public sector organisations requiring to innovate more and faster to outperform the competition.

The solutions we offer are very flexible and can start with half-a-day workshop with 10 participants, to enterprise-wide implementation frameworks incl. Business Transformation/Change.

Contact us to know more about how you can innovate your business on

Tomorrow’s innovation today.

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