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Frequently Asked Questions

The most Common Questions are set out below in the following sections:

Introductory Questions

The IRIS software embeds best practice risk, issue and opportunity management processes into a single user-friendly automated system. The software is customized to your organizational structure and industry requirements and can be implemented as a standalone system, fully integrated with a client server or provided as a web-based application. ​

IRIS software combines unique features that can be matched to the customer environment, whether a multi-national corporation or an SME, a local or a national government institution.

Our framework caters for risk managers and risk experts alike, ensuring that the system remains simple and easy to use according to the requirements of each specific user base.​

1. Named User Licenses
These are assigned to individual users to provide 24/7 access to the system. They may not be shared but they may be re-allocated (e.g. in the event that an employee leaves the organization or is re-assigned).

2. Concurrent Licenses
These may be shared between users. The restriction is placed on the number of users that may connect simultaneously.

3. Blended License Option
IRIS offers the option of combining named and concurrent licenses on a single install. This allows you to guarantee full time access to key personnel but save costs by using concurrent licensing for the wider team.

Maintenance includes (but is not limited to):

  • An unlimited number of queries to the helpdesk
  • Immediate patches of any operating system updates (e.g. due to a Microsoft update)
  • Free system upgrades as they are released
  • Minimum quarterly calls with your account representative to request new system features / additions which can then be added into the IRIS development schedule at no additional cost

​​IRIS software comes in multiple languages available on request.

Yes, our team of specialist trainers have unrivalled expertise in the roll out of risk management training to client organizations of all sizes. Each of our trainers is certified by the PMI, APMG, OGC or other relevant professional organisation. We provide training in the form of “off the shelf” training courses or bespoke courses designed according to the specific client needs.​

Whilst it can be useful to familiarise yourself with the basic process and functions of risk management, it is by no means a requirement to have an extensive knowledge of risk management techniques to use IRIS software. IRIS risk management system caters to both novices and experts alike.​

Configuration Questions

IRIS Risk and Opportunity Management system is fully accredited and embeds best risk management processes from ISO 31000, ISO 27001 and PMBoK.

Most users are up and running with no formal training. The individual user profiles mean IRIS can target the level of training and complexity to a specific user profile. ​

Yes, with IRIS you can manage several registers and multiple projects simultaneously. It is easy to switch between the directories with a click of a button.​

​Yes, with IRIS you can keep data fresh by setting up automated email reminders to risk owners when actions are due and highlight any slippage to project managers early.​

Yes, you can easily attach and share documents at any time by uploading them into the system.

​Specific access restrictions can be set up for each user so they can only view or amend risks for their own project / department.

​Yes, IRIS system features an ability to hide unwanted features and data fields to keep life as simple as possible for the user community. Moreover, our flexible framework ensures the software automates and enhances your existing processes, rather than forcing you to change policies that have worked for you for years.

​Monte Carlo Analysis is a technique used to understand the impact of risk and uncertainty in financial, project management, cost, and other forecasting models. By forecasting and planning ahead you can anticipate and mitigate certain types of risks which are highly probable for a specific project, industry or environment.

Reporting Questions

Yes, with IRIS you can upload your legacy risk data in a few minutes, generate PowerPoint reports for Senior Management in seconds and export latest data to Excel for wider analysis whenever you like.

Power Point report can be generated with a click of a button, moreover you can customize and tailor your report templates to feature corporate logo and match company colours.

​Provides an instant snapshot of the most important items and any change in status.​

A Burndown chart is a graphical representation of work progress within a specific timeline. With IRIS Burndown chart you can instantly and simply demonstrate the trend in the progress of the risk over time and compare the impact of risk mitigations with the original plan.

Technical Questions

In House Hosted
IRIS can be run on a shared server or virtual machine to minimize IT costs:

  • IIS 7.5 or higher
  • implies Windows Server 2008R2 or later. (IE 2008R2, 2012, 2012R2 , 2016 or 2019) IRIS can run on Azure App Service and AWS Elastic Beanstalk
  • Recommended DB – SQL Server 2008R2 or later – IE 2008R2, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017 or 2019 ( Any edition except Compact) Azure SQL Server is also supported and SQL Server on AWS RDS is also supported
  • Allow for database growth of 2GB per year per 10,000 active risk items[1]
  • CPU – IIS and SQL Server will make full usage of multiple cores so a high core count is preferred over raw clock speed. 
  • Can be run virtualised if the Host Machine has sufficient resources to support the load
  • .Net Framework v4.7 as a minimum with 4.8 supported

IRIS Hosted
Users simply log in using any major browser including, but not limited to:

  • Internet Explorer (v7 and up)
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Safari and more

​Customers can install and configure IRIS in a couple of hours if they wish to host the system internally. Alternatively, IRIS can host the software for you meaning all you need to get up and running is a web-browser and a username.

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