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IRIS is trusted to help manage risk by some of the world’s most high profile organizations in their most challenging environments. 

Our teams help both large multinationals and small businesses, government and private sector and our team has expertise in a wide rage of industries.  

Our assignments are, of course, always tailored to specific client needs. 

However, some sample assignments are set out below:

Risk Identification Support

Independent expert to work with your team to help identify more potential risks.

Deep understanding of regulatory guidance from NIST, OMB 123-A, HM Treasury Orange Book etc.

Application of best practice techniques including milestone analysis, delivering objectives fishbone diagrams, risk universe identification and “pre-mortems”.

Evolution of Risk Management

Organizational Risk Assessment

Independent assessment of overall risk exposure of the organisation.

Inter-company benchmark analysis and intra-company departmental comparisons.

Resilience assessment, including awareness of new and emerging trends.

Complex risk management

Risk Maturity Analysis

Assess the current state of the organization’s risk management capability against desired maturity levels

Aspects of analysis include core processes, staff training, decision-making structures, risk culture, tools and technology.  

Specific action plan developed to address areas of concern.  

Cost Benefit Analysis

Quantify current risk exposure and the financial benefits of implementing risk mitigating actions.

Determine the relative merits of different treatment options using statistical techniques to ensure the greatest Return on Investment.

Prioritize activity more effectively and make best use of limited resources and budgets.

Program / Portfolio Analysis

Key program and project risks assessed.

Independent assessment of key program assumptions.

Portfolio analysis assesses the risks to the project portfolio as a whole, including poor alignment, duplications, omission or conflict between projects. 

Structured action plan developed to remediate negative findings.

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