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Custom Database Development

IRIS Intelligence can develop a custom solution for your business needs.  All of our solutions are 100% web-based, easily accessible from any browser.  They all feature top of the range security features, an extensive suite of off-the-shelf reports, full Microsoft Office integration, automated email reminders and so much more.

Rapid delivery and deployment

Let us know the business process that will benefit from automation and the IRIS technical team will build it for you. Our team work with you to understand the data collection requirements, potential workflows and report formats that will best support your needs. Once developed, the system can be deployed in house or hosted for you so that all you and your team need to get started is a browser and login details.

Flexibility and Security

Our custom databases are built using the same secure code base that has been accredited by the likes of NASA, UK Cabinet Office, US Army and the National Cyber Security Center. Our systems have these best-in-class security practices embedded from the ground up so you can have total confidence in your custom database. Our extensive preferences editor allows us to create custom software without requiring alterations to the software code itself.

User-friendly features

Similarly, our custom database software automatically includes features such as instant exports to Microsoft Excel, Project and PowerPoint slides, automated email reminders, a three-tier secure audit trail, on screen dashboards and a personalized user experience. Our team can convert your raw system requirement into a fully working out-of-the-box system in no time!

"The IRIS cyber risk assessment tool embeds best in class guidance from NIST and NCSC and provides our customers with a clear understanding of the current risk profile, tracks the remediation progress and includes a report engine which we can quickly configure to customer needs."

Source: Nigel Mackie, Blue Sky Tec

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