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Risk Management Solutions for Local and National Government

ERM and Project Risk Software on premise or secure military cloud

Government Departments must deliver more complex and extensive services to citizens, despite widespread tightening of budgets. 

How is it possible to deliver more for less?! Through effective risk management! 

By identifying what may prevent you from delivering your objectives in advance, you can proactively manage risk and deliver more value for all of your stakeholders.

Regulatory Guidance

ISO 31000, OMB 123-A, NIST guidance, ISO 27001, HM Treasury Orange Book, PM Book of Knowledge to name a few. There is plenty of guidance out there but how do begin to apply it to your specific situation? IRIS has been working with these regulatory frameworks and more for many years. Some of our team even helped write the ISO! Speak with us today and we can guide you through the maze of regulation.

Range Of Risk Maturity

Some Agencies and Departments have been managing risk for years, others are just beginning their journey. IRIS understands that you need a risk management system that can match the culture and maturity of your team. Our software automates reporting and streamlines data collection allowing you to focus on higher value activity – like actually managing the risks themselves! We offer flexibility and simple customization that allows us to match the software to your specific needs.

Embed Risk In The Culture

We understand the situation for many risk managers in government. You understand the importance of risk and believe passionately in improving risk management for your team. But you cannot do it alone! All too often risk managers in government are expected to be the single point of expertise. IRIS software helps embed a risk aware culture throughout your department, improves the “raw” data collection and instant exports to PowerPoint and Excel – allowing you to reduce risk exposure and increase your impact.

"The IRIS software is an outstanding tool that helps to successfully integrate best practice risk management techniques into the culture of an organization. I have used a number of risk management tools in over two decades of project management and IRIS is undoubtedly the best I have come across."

C Ducher, Head of Risk Management, OCCAR

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We’re here to discuss your risk management needs, schedule a free demo or talk to us about anything else.

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