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IRIS Features & Benefits

Why Choose IRIS Risk Management Software?

IRIS Intelligence Risk Management software helps you to deliver company strategy more effectively. Our tool improves risk communication, increases visibility of both risks and mitigations and improves decision making through automated reports and return on investment calculations.

Best Practice Management Practices

Best Practice Risk Management Processes Swiftly embed from ISO 31000, the PMBoK, ISO 27001 or government risk guidance.

Risk Identification Support

Checklists and Brainstorming prompts as recommended by the International Risk Governance Council available at your fingertips.

Adaptable Risk Assessment Criteria

Criteria are flexible enough to adapt to any environment but ensure consistency of assessment within each register.

Quantitative Statistical Analysis of Risk Exposure

Quantify your risk exposure using robust statistical techniques rather than simple estimation procedures (for those that need it).

Return on Investment Calculations

Instantly prioritize activity based on the most “bang for your buck”. Ensure the maximum benefits are generated from limited budgets.

Generate Timeline Views for Mitigation Plans

The plan can be instantly viewed in a Gnatt chart and progress against this plan monitored to prevent slippage.

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