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Technical & Licensing Specifications

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IRIS has a variety of licensing installation options to suit any environment:

Licensing for small SME's to large Organisations

With IRIS you can license individual users or share concurrent licenses across a team.

Named User Licenses

These are assigned to individual users to provide 24/7 access to the system.  They may not be shared but they may be re-allocated (e.g. in the event that an employee leaves the organization or is re-assigned).

Concurrent Licenses

These may be shared between users.  The restriction is placed on the number of users that may connect simultaneously

Blended License Option

IRIS offers the option of combining named and concurrent licenses on a single install.  This allows you to guarantee full time access to key personnel but save costs by using concurrent licensing for the wider team.



IRIS can be run on a shared server or virtual machine to minimize IT costs:


Users simply log in using any major browser including, but not limited to:


IRIS Software can be run on a shared server or dedicated server:

For installations of 500 users and above we recommend a minimum of two physical servers with the web server and database server separated.

For smaller scale installations, one physical server or virtual server is acceptable.

[1] Assumes 100 projects with 100 risks each for 10,000 total active risks/issues/opportunities without Monte Carlo Simulation. Each risk item based on 10 mitigating actions and weekly reviews.


Recommended Database server:

Web Browser -> IIS -> ASP (MVC)-> Entity Framework -> Database

ASP.Net on windows server with MVC and Entity Framework for Data access


Standard authentication uses a separate database with a different database login and no passwords are stored in the clear.

Configurable to conform to internal IT policies

SQL and Cross-Site Scripting Attacks

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