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Risk Management Solutions for Construction & Infrastructure

Deliver large, complex programs on-time and on-budget

Global growth is dependent on the delivery of large, complex construction and infrastructure programs. But all too often the story is one of cost overruns, schedule delays and failure to deliver anticipated benefits.

The Project Management Institute (PMI) found that Project Management Institute (PMI) found that projects with a sound risk process have a 15% higher success rate and 17% increase in cost efficiency. Contact IRIS today and make sure you gain the benefits of effective risk management.

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Support For Complex Programs

IRIS provides a system for end-to-end risk management for complex programs. Identify more risks, assess and prioritize them consistently and effectively, track progress of mitigations via in-built Gantt Charts or MS Project / Primavera exports. Generate instant reports for Senior Management impacting the program right now – Manage tomorrow Today!

Capture Team Knowledge And Expertise

The same issues arise time and again. Expert Team Members leave or transfer to other projects. Using the IRIS Risk Library you can capture knowledge and learn lessons from how risks were mitigated in the past. Brainstorming prompts and checklists are included for risks that may impact your type of project. Over time, you build up an extensive library of data that shows the most effective risk mitigation strategies by comparing risk waterfall / burndown charts for each mitigation strategy.

Maximize Return On Investment

Demonstrate the value of risk management to budget holders by speaking their language. IRIS will automatically calculate the Return on Investment from risk mitigating activity, allowing limited budgets to be prioritized and resources to be deployed more effectively. Whether you use Monte Carlo statistical analysis or simple qualitative risk assessments, the IRIS software can provide instant ROI calculations to improve decision making and help finance teams understand the importance of managing risk.
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"IRIS helped us to derive major financial & performance improvements. The combination of quantitative and qualitative functionality provides robust decision support and the ability to navigate through complex scenarios."


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