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Issue and Opportunity Management

IRIS features fully integrated Issue Management and Opportunity Management modules, allowing teams to manage these items seamlessly alongside risks.  The same user-friendly feature set, top-class security protocols and quick, easy configuration and set up are available with IRIS to manage these key aspects either independently or as part of an integrated Risk, Issue and Opportunity Management system.

Seize the Opportunity!

Not all uncertain future events have negative consequences. They may provide the ability to improve performance, deliver outcomes faster or cheaper, enable the team to create alternate products or exploit different markets or segments. The IRIS system allows you to capture the Opportunities and manage them alongside risks – only this time instead of reducing the probability and impact you seek to maximize them!

Houston, we’ve had a problem!

It is never possible to eliminate all risk. Indeed, you should not try. Risk Management is about stacking the odds in your favour - understanding the potential liabilities, costing the mitigation steps and making the most effective decision based on the best available information. However, sometimes the risk will occur; sometimes you might not have managed to identify it in advance – you have an issue and you need to reduce the impact fast. The IRIS system allows you to manage issues alongside risks and retain a full history and audit trail of the risks that led to them

Accurate, reliable, timely information

The IRIS software tool provides a single database to cover risk, issue and opportunity data. Automated email reminders and system flags ensure this data is kept up to date. Dynamic, real time reports ensure decision making is more effective. Actions (whether risk mitigations, opportunity maximisations or issue management plans) are tracked in the system and variance with planned activity clearly highlighted. Data can be exported instantly to Excel, PowerPoint, MS Project and Primavera or you can integrate this MI with other systems via Tableau or PowerBI for example.

"Companies in the top 20% of RM maturity generate 3x EBITDA of those in the bottom 20%"

Source: ‘Turning Risks into Results’ Study by EY (Ernst & Young) 

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