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IRIS Intelligence Product Overview

Integrated Risk & Issue System (IRIS)

The IRIS software embeds best practice risk, issue and opportunity management processes into a single user-friendly automated system.

Our web-based solution combines unique features that can be matched to the customer environment, whether a multi-national corporation or an SME, a local or a national government institution.

Our framework caters for risk managers and risk experts alike, ensuring that the system remains simple and easy to use according to the requirements of each specific user base.


FOR RISK Experts

Software Tailored For You

At IRIS we believe that every business is unique, and that one size does not fit all.

Whilst everyone will need to identify risks, assess them consistently, create mitigation steps and manage the plan, the framework in which you do that must match the size, scope and complexity of your organization.

For this reason, our software is Fully Customizable For Your Company to ensure that you are getting the best risk management results calibrated towards your goals. Whether you want Monte Carlo analysis or a simple High, Medium, Low impact assessment, IRIS can be configured to match your requirements. You can change terminology, hide unwanted features or restrict access to sensitive risks.

Matching the configuration of the IRIS software to your organizational preferences is simple, but if you need a little extra support our dedicated consultants will be happy to help you identify your priorities, and set risk management goals to drive maximum return on investment.


“ IRIS meets the needs of diverse program types throughout the Company. It provides us with an intuitive, easily understandable and flexible methodology for tracking both project and enterprise level risks.”


Easy Purchase & Quick Installation

IRIS has a variety of licensing installation options to suit any environment.

Host the system in-house or let IRIS host the system (SaaS).

License Individual Users or Share “Concurrent” Licenses across a team

Choose our Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) product or enjoy free custom configuration*

* Subject to minimum purchase requirements

Customers can install and configure IRIS in a couple of hours if they wish to host the system internally. Alternatively,IRIS can host the software for you meaning all you need to get up and running is a web-browser and a username.

See What IRIS Intelligence Can Do for Your Business

IRIS embeds best practice risk management techniques in a fully automated system that can be instantly customized to match specific customer preferences and reporting requirements.

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