IRIS Intelligence provides award winning software and ancillary services for managing risk in the enterprise.


Our software is renowned for its flexibility, security & ease of use and is available to be installed on-premise or as a hosted cloud solution.


Many of the world’s most high profile organizations trust IRIS software to help manage the risks associated with their most complex programs.


Whether developing a satellite, constructing a power station or building a subway line, IRIS software has helped successful teams manage risk more effectively.


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We also provide a range of training and consultancy solutions, together with custom software development.

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Our Customers

We offer a range of affordable solutions from single user desktop licenses to many hundreds of users sharing a database across multiple projects and locations.

Frameworks and Processes

Our software quickly embeds best practice techniques using a combination of our decades of experience managing risk directly, along with leading professional and regulatory guidance such as:

  • ISO 31000
  • ISO 27000 Series
  • NIST RMF Series
 (NIST 800-37, NIST 800-39, NIST 800-53, etc.)
  • OMB Series (OMB 123-A, OMB 130, etc.)
  • PMI PM Book of Knowledge (PMBoK)
  • PRINCE 2
  • And many others

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Product Range

IRIS is dedicated to ensuring all risk management software generates value to the bottom line from Day 1. Our systems can be installed and configured almost instantaneously to ensure we support your processes, not force you to follow ours. The principles at the core of every system are flexibility, security and ease of use.

Every system includes a variety of benefits allowing you to:

  • Identify more risks
  • Embed consistent risk assessment techniques
  • Develop cost effective risk mitigating actions
  • Provide timely, accurate management reports using off the shelf or custom report templates
Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management

Manage risk across the Enterprise and engage staff from shop floor to Board level. The IRIS software matches up to your organizational hierarchy and facilitates all aspects of the risk management process, including:

  • Increased Risk Identification
  • Consistent (and configurable) Risk Assessment Criteria
  • Development of Cost Effective Risk Mitigation Strategies
  • Flexible reporting, including both pre-loaded and custom templates

Our software supports the implementation of relevant ISO Standards and / or COSO recommendations.

View, understand and manage the risk profile at every level of the organization, including alignment of risk management to strategic objectives and escalation of high impact risk items to more appropriate levels of Management.

Project, Program and Portfolio Risk Management

IRIS has developed a pre-configured system to match the specific requirements for managing risk in the Project, Program and Portfolio level environment.

Projects involve significant change to business as usual activity and generate additional risks as a result. Using input from the Project Management Institute (PMI) and Association of Project Managers (APM), the software provides an environment in which risks can be controlled and managed.

This increases the chance of projects being delivered on time, on budget and to the technical specification. The software helps provide an average cost saving of 20% across all project-based activity.

Projects with a sound risk process can expect a 15% higher success rate than standard projects together with 17% increase in cost efficiency and 15% increase in schedule efficiency.Source: Project Management Institute
A study by Accenture found that, as project complexity increases, only 30% of them are being delivered on budget, and only 15% are on time.
Cyber Security / Information Risk

Cyber Security / Information Risk

This software addresses the threats specifically associated with information risk and cyber security. Manage the threat actors and potential threat events, as well as addressing the specific vulnerabilities identified in the information environment.

Overlay the most appropriate internal controls for each area of the organization and quickly develop a plan to remediate any material vulnerabilities identified.

Supports implementation of NIST 800-53 and NIST 800-53A latest revisions, together with other Cyber Security Standards.

GRC / Compliance Software

GRC / Compliance Software

IRIS provides a range of tools to address compliance issues in an organization.

Quickly embed relevant Standards into the software and develop a Compliance Gap Analysis. The software will then manage the tracking of activity to ensure any compliance gaps are closed and massively reduce consequent regulatory risk exposure.

Several Standards (e.g. GDPR) are available off the shelf, but new and custom standards can be added to the system in minutes.

Risk Management Training

Risk Management Training

IRIS can support your journey to risk maturity through online or on-site training. Whilst IRIS software requires little or no training some organizations require assistance in setting up the wider risk management processes and in providing staff with greater risk awareness. IRIS has a variety of techniques to support these needs, from 1-2-1 coaching to implementing risk training (Learning Experiences) for thousands of team members across multiple countries.

IRIS Intelligence has a team of specialist consultants and trainers with unrivalled expertise in the roll out of risk management processes to client organizations of all sizes. IRIS can provide training and consulting support via “off the shelf” products or a tailored delivery designed according to the specific client needs.

Please contact us directly to discuss your needs.

Risk Management Consultancy

Risk Management Consultancy

Independent Risk Expertise to Support Your Requirements.

IRIS Intelligence has helped to manage risks in a vast array of public and private sector organizations, from large multinationals in the S&P 500 through to locally based SMEs. Our consultants have gained huge experience throughout a wide range of industries including aerospace & defense, infrastructure, transport, energy & utilities, construction, IT, communications and oil and gas.

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