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is an independent company that has provided specialist risk and project management solutions to organizations of all shapes and sizes for many years. We offer an integrated solution to risk and project management through our three core offerings: software, consultancy and training.


The IRIS software application has been universally hailed as the most effective and user friendly risk management system available. The software is customized to your organizational structure and industry requirements and can be implemented as a standalone system, fully integrated with a client server or provided as a web-based application.


Our team of highly qualified consultants can provide support and advice ranging from risk identification workshops through to a long term secondment of a risk manager. Our consultancy services provide tangible benefits in improving ‘bottom-line’ performance, enhancing service delivery and maintaining a clear, auditable link to strategic and operational success criteria.


Our team of specialist trainers have unrivalled expertise in the roll out of risk management training to client organizations of all sizes. Each of our trainers is certified by the PMI, APMG, OGC or other relevant professional organisation. We provide training in the form of “off the shelf” training courses or bespoke courses designed according to the specific client needs.


Today’s businesses have to operate in a more competitive and complex market environment than ever before. Managing risks in spreadsheets is therefore no longer a viable option. Top Level decision makers understand the importance of forecasting, identifying and proactively managing risk – as this is usually the difference between project success and failure.


the likelihood of project failure is significantly reduced, be it financial, schedule or performance based.

Projects with a sound risk process have:

  • 15% higher success rate
  • 17% increase in cost efficiency
  • 15% increase in schedule efficiency.


This directly impacts the bottom line by reducing cost overruns, schedule delays or technical failures.


it is widely recognized that failures are all too common.

Only 28% of IT projects deliver on time and on budget, and more than 25% fail to deliver at all.

Whilst any project carries a certain level of risk, regular and rigorous risk management review will serve to defuse problems before they arise.

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