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Risk Management Software

The IRIS software application has been universally hailed as the most effective and user friendly risk management system available. The software embeds best practice risk management methodology in a fully automated system that can be instantly customized to match specific customer preferences and reporting requirements.

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Our team of highly qualified consultants can provide support and advice ranging from risk identification workshops through to a long term secondment of a risk manager.


Our team of specialist trainers have unrivalled expertise in the roll out of risk management training to client organizations of all sizes. Each of our trainers is certified by the PMI, APMG, OGC or other relevant professional organisation.

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11th July 2017

The Three Most Common Risks in Project Management

Projects hit the same risks over and over again: The requirements may not be adequately defined, causing re-work; The team members may not collaborate adequately, causing delays and cost overruns; and/or The client may prove mercurial, causing delays, cost overruns and re-work. As you look at those three risks, you probably have a reasonably high confidence level […]

3rd July 2017

The Anatomy of Risk

It is clearly important for us to understand the nature of a risk properly if we are to manage it effectively. Many people only consider a limited number of risk characteristics, leading to a limited ability to manage risk. Effective risk management requires a deeper understanding. One way to improve understanding is to explore the “anatomy […]

26th June 2017

Implicit and Explicit Risk Management

Have you ever been asked “How risky is your project?” Most project managers find it hard to answer this question. Your Risk Register lists all the risks you’ve identified, and these are prioritised for attention and action, with responses and owners allocated to each risk. But how can a list of risks answer the “How […]