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Risk Management Software

The IRIS software application has been universally hailed as the most effective and user friendly risk management system available. The software embeds best practice risk management methodology in a fully automated system that can be instantly customized to match specific customer preferences and reporting requirements.

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Our team of highly qualified consultants can provide support and advice ranging from risk identification workshops through to a long term secondment of a risk manager.


Our team of specialist trainers have unrivalled expertise in the roll out of risk management training to client organizations of all sizes. Each of our trainers is certified by the PMI, APMG, OGC or other relevant professional organisation.

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News & Events

22nd May 2017

Sustainability and the Risk Management Framework

Sustainability has become increasingly important to organisations across the world in recent years, as both a business objective and a necessary constraint. But what does it mean? And how should it be included in the risk process? The word sustainability has changed its meaning significantly over time in the business world. At first it only […]

15th May 2017

Using the “Six Value Medals” to Identify and Assess Risk

Edward de Bono is famous for promoting creative thinking, and he has written many books to explain his radical ideas. Perhaps his best-known technique is the Six Thinking HatsĀ®, encouraging people to adopt a range of different perspectives when thinking about an issue. Indeed the Six Thinking Hats can be very helpful in risk identification. […]

10th May 2017

Seven Risk Management Questions for the Board

It is quite common for risk professionals not to talk to senior executives or Board members. After all, they probably think we are technical staff, or analytical specialists, involved in the detail of the business, and not relevant to the strategic direction of the organisation. And perhaps we think that executives are too important or […]