IRIS Sponsors Federal Government Risk Conference

IRIS Sponsors AFERM 2021 Summit

IRIS Intelligence was once again proud to sponsor the Annual Summit for the Association of Federal Enterprise Risk Management (AFERM).

2021 was the 14th Annual Summit for AFERM, taking place on October 26 and 27 as a virtual event. This year’s theme was “ERM in a Changing World”.  AFERM invited experts to share their vision of the future of enterprise risk management and encouraged dialogue on topics such as:

AFERM will bring together experts from across the Federal Government to share how our changing world impacts ERM with topics such as these:

  • Sustaining ERM and Building Momentum – How can we communicate the need for ERM to new leadership and gain their buy-in? How do we articulate ERM successes, demonstrate the value of ERM and position ERM programs for the future?  How do we continue to mature ERM capabilities and sustain organization-wide engagement?
  • ERM praxis and the ERM profession – Current ERM practitioners do many roles, such as risk management, internal controls, communication, monitoring, analysis, and more. What is it that distinguishes us? What is it that we do well, that others do not?  What skills do we need now and what skills will we need in the future?.
  • ERM as a Tool to Managing Current and Future Challenges – What role does ERM have in meeting global challenges? By focusing on topics like future economic, technological, and political environments, we develop approaches and techniques for adapting ERM to our changing world.

AFERM’s mission is to advance the practice of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) in the federal government through thought leadership, education and collaboration.  It provides a forum for discussion of issues relevant to participants in the federal risk management profession, sponsoring appropriate educational programs, encouraging professional development, influencing governmental risk management policies and practices, and serves as an advocate for the profession. The Association supports government officials and the public by sponsoring efforts to ensure full and fair accountability for management of risk in achieving organizational objectives.

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